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I love being able to do what I love and to inspire people who think that their dreams can’t come true. All of this is hard for me to believe sometimes, but I think everything boils down to focusing on your passion and working hard. I’m excited

about the way music travels.


That’s the vision of up-and-coming singer Kanisha K and it resonates well beyond her years.  The Holland, Michigan native has embraced hit music from the past as well as the current music scene, forging a combination that allows her creative style to shine.


With a continuing cadre of success at radio, Kanisha K has recently released her newest single “Oh Damn Yeah” to Top 40 and CHR radio. The song was written and produced by uber Producer Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Richie Blackmore, Jennifer Love Hewitt etc.) and mastered by Tom Coyne (Adele, Beyonce, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Pink, Ariana Grande.)  Kanisha recorded both “Oh Damn Yeah” and “Never Stopped Loving You” at Vulpis’ studios in Nashville. 


Reflecting on the new songs Kanisha stated: “Working with Joe Vulpis and bringing his songs to life through the recording process was an enormous honor for me. I really fell in love with “Oh Damn Yeah” and “Never Stopped Loving You” and worked hard to preserve the integrity of both the music and the lyrics. I think we have some hits here.”


2014 was a banner year for Kanisha. Her single “Bring Me Home.”  garnered strong airplay support, spending over 41 weeks on the charts and  translating into tremendous success on the FMQB AC chart (peaked at #3,) Mediabase AC Chart (debuted at #29) and the Billboard AC Indicator chart where the song peaked at #22.


Now in 2015, the dance version of  “Bring Me Home” (remixed by Razor & Guido) has entered the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart and reached *47 after only four weeks.  Kanisha is in good company on the most prestigious dance chart in the world, joining the likes of Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift.  “Bring Me Home” is a PERENNIAL hit!


In addition, Kanisha K won “Best Pop” award at the 2014 HMMA’s (Hollywood Music In Media Awards) last November for her song “I Gotta Stupid Boyfriend,” an admirable feat for a young artist. These early triumphs are only the beginning for an artist with the drive and determination poised for long-term success.


Kanisha has earned national endorsements from Sennheiser, Forever 21 and Abercrombie & Fitch. Her seasonal tribute song, “(I Found Love,) Just In Time For Christmas” recently spread the holiday cheer in both Victoria’s Secret and Kohls stores throughout the nation.


But as every artist knows, every story has a beginning and Kanisha’s begins at home. At a very young age, the singer was introduced to a wide array of music from her supportive parents. She credits her musical influences to Etta James, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin and let’s be honest, if you are going to have musical influences, it’s hard to argue with those.


From singing and playing piano at age four to joining a band and playing the sax and guitar in sixth grade, Kanisha knew that vocal lessons would be the next step in her musical education.  Beginning those lessons in eighth grade she went on to join her High School choir the next year and also became involved in local community

theater. Her participation in an award-winning choir ultimately took her into the studio with Robyn Robins from The Silver Bullet Band and eventually headed to Los Angeles where she recorded two songs at the legendary Capitol Records studios.


Kanisha enjoys speaking about her love of animals and is proud to live in a family that has a total of six pets-two dogs, two cats, one bird and a rabbit. She has recently gotten involved working with the HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.) and the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected organization and plans for much more work with pet and charity foundations in the future.


Well rounded and grounded, dedicated to making meaningful music and a never give up attitude translates to a future with endless possibilities for Kanisha K.


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